Root Canal Therapy

Inside each of our teeth lies a tiny chamber called the pulp chamber. This chamber houses nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that keep our teeth healthy and alive. However, when the pulp becomes infected or injured due to deep decay or trauma, it can cause excruciating pain and lead to further dental complications. 

This is where root canal therapy comes into play. The procedure involves removing the infected or damaged pulp from within the tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth's interior is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any remaining bacteria. 

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

One common sign that a root canal may be necessary is persistent pain in the affected tooth. The pain may be sharp and throbbing, especially when biting down or applying pressure to the area. Additionally, you may experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that lingers even after removing the source of heat or cold. 

Other signs include swelling and tenderness in the gums around the affected tooth, as well as a darkening of the tooth color. Sometimes, there are no obvious symptoms at all, and an X-ray is needed to diagnose an infected pulp. 

The Procedure for Root Canal Therapy in Webster, TX

The dentist will start by numbing the area around the affected tooth with local anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Once the area is numb, they will create a small access hole in the tooth to reach the infected pulp chamber.

Using special instruments, the dentist will carefully remove the infected or damaged pulp from inside the tooth. This step helps eliminate any infection present and prevents further spread of bacteria. The canals within your tooth roots are then cleaned and shaped to prepare them for filling. 

After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the canals, a biocompatible material called gutta-percha is used to fill them. This helps seal off any remaining spaces and prevent reinfection. In some cases, the dentist may place a temporary filling on top of this until a permanent restoration, like a crown, can be placed. 

It's important to note that root canal therapy usually requires multiple visits depending on individual circumstances. During subsequent appointments, the dentist will assess healing progress before placing a crown or other restoration over the treated tooth for added protection and strength. 

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy offers several benefits to patients who are experiencing dental issues that require this procedure.

Preventing Extraction

One of the main advantages of root canal therapy is that it helps save your natural tooth, preventing the need for extraction. Losing a tooth can lead to various oral health problems, such as misalignment and difficulty chewing. 

Pain Relief

Another benefit of root canal therapy is pain relief. If you're suffering from a severe toothache due to an infected or damaged pulp, this treatment can provide significant relief by removing the source of infection and reducing inflammation. 

Improved Oral Health

Root canal therapy also improves overall oral health. Eliminating infection and bacteria from the root canal system prevents the further spread of infection throughout your mouth. This contributes to better oral health and reduces the risk of developing more serious conditions like abscesses. 

Restoring Oral Functions

Furthermore, root canal therapy restores normal biting and chewing function. After successfully completing the procedure, patients can enjoy eating their favorite foods without discomfort or sensitivity in the treated tooth area. 


In addition to these direct benefits, undergoing root canal therapy also brings long-term cost savings compared to alternative treatments like dental implants or bridges. By preserving your natural tooth structure instead of replacing it with artificial options, you avoid additional expenses down the road. 

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